1950s / Chevrolet


YEAR: 1958
MAKE: Chevrolet
MODEL: Corvette
BODY COLOR: Charcoal Silver

  • Body-off restoration with approximately 15 miles since completion
  • Fuel injected 283/250 HP V-8 engine
  • Finned aluminum valve covers
  • Rochester fuel injection unit, part no. 7014520
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • Finished in Charcoal with Silver coves

  • Contrasting Red interior
  • Clock and radio
  • Heater delete plate
  • Simulated louvered hood and chrome tank strips
  • First year for quad headlights
  • Wide Whitewall tires
  • Full size spinner wheel covers

In 1958, Corvette wore the era-popular four-headlight style like few others. It also brought about twin chrome spears upon the trunk lid and a hood with simulated louvres, and as such is considered one of the most ornate Corvettes ever built and certainly the most lavishly styled of the first generation. It created a unique moment in Corvette history: a one-year blip where the glitz and glamour of midcentury America was reflected more than ever on a Corvette. This 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible has traveled just 15 miles since the completion of a body-off restoration and is presented in the remarkable color combination of Charcoal with Silver coves and a contrasting red interior. The 283/250 HP V-8 engine features the Rochester Fuel Injection unit (Part No. 7014520) and a 4-speed manual transmission. Dressed with finned aluminum valve covers, the engine and engine bay are as delightful as the rest of the car. Featuring a clock and radio, this is a rare heater-delete car. Rolling on wide whitewall tires topped with full-size spinner wheel covers, this 1958 Corvette is a remarkably interesting specimen—the rare fuel-injected engine, rare color combination, one-year styling elements and heater-delete all conspire to create a truly unique example of America’s Sports Car. Since its 1953 debut, Corvette diligently offered customers annual improvements, and the 1958 model year was no exception. Aside from the new styling, a new dashboard design appeared placing the tachometer directly in front of the driver, featuring either a 6,000 RPM or 8,000 RPM redline depending on which of the four optional engines it was linked to—two with twin carburetors and two with fuel injection. All things considered, Corvette continued to be an attractive alternative to competitors offering much less for more money, and strong sales reflected that opinion. With a base price nearing $3,600, the Corvette was not inexpensive, but in a recessionary year, Chevrolet still sold more than 9,000 Corvettes, roughly 2,800 more than those sold in 1957.